New MAC Collection: Monogram

Straight from thMAC website:  “Your personal
 statement of the Holiday season. A collection of such creamy, high-prestige shades and luxurious fragrance, they make their own distinguished look and marque. In the fashionable world, this is the only signature you need…”

So with this being said, I’ve taken a look at this collection and I have to say that its quite the looker!  This collection is not for the penny pincher, but rather for the splurger.
Products range from $22 to $75, with the least expensive item being the Monogram Lipstick, priced at $22.00

The most expensive product in the collection is the Monogram Clutch, priced at $75.00

The Monogram SheerSpark Pressed Powder  can definitely be seen as the cash cow for line, with its multi-use for the cheek or eye.  It will add the extra sparkle and shimmer to highlight the face for the holiday season.  The packaging is reminiscent of the 2007 Holiday Royal Assets Collection, with its extravagant and embellished embossed lettering.

This collection is definitely one of a kind, and like all special edition MAC Collection, it will be gone in the blink of and eye.  

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