So excited!

So I actually have my first collective haul!!! I plan on filming it tonight and posting it. I’m pretty sure it will be in two parts too! Included in my haul, are things that I have acquired over the past couple of weeks up until today. My Cherry Culture and Megatek orders both came and I’m so excited to use the products. Funny thing, the first time I ordered from I wasn’t very satisfied with my order at all. I actually ended up returning about $17 worth of product, which if you know Cherry Culture’s prices, that was a good bit of stuff I sent back. Anyways, I finally made an order, because it’d been months and I didn’t want for my store credit to expire. Well, the products came today and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I won’t spoil the surprise of what I got, because I’ll be posting the video here later one today if not tomorrow. Now…on to Megatek! Over the past two years, I’ve heard an awful lot about this product. it pretty much a growth aid stimulator for hair. Now, as we all know, I’ve had my share of hair woes…and it seems like they are starting up again! I noticed some breakage on my nape area, which isn’t particularly surprising since that area of my head is prone to breakage. I have been heat-free, with the exception of a few times, for about 2 weeks now. I’m trying to rock some protective styles, and while they might not be cute, they are keeping my hands unnecessarily out of my head and heat off of it. I just watched my hair last night, so I don’t know if I’ll be putting the Megatek on tonight, but definitely tomorrow. I’ve amped up my hair washing to twice a week. With stretching my relaxer longer than 8 weeks, I can no longer as long as I could before with out washing it. Anyways, I will start that series of videos as well, tracking my results and whatnot! I’m always open to suggestions, so please leave a comment if you have any! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter…check to the far right for my current tweets!

*Hearts & Stars*


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