Cherry Culture NYX Haul On The Way!!!

I’m so excited to about this haul, because i was able to stock up on a bunch of NYX products on Cherry Culture during the 50% sale last week. I stocked up on a good bit of brushes, and other goodies that i know would be awesome for freelancing and traveling. I can give my MAC brushes a break and us these for a while. I did get mostly brushes, but also some shadows and such as well, so definitely be on the lookout for those. My package got shipped off today, so it should definitely be here by Monday. I hope its definitely worth the wait, because it been a week since I ordered, and Cherry Culture’s shipping is usually better than that. I figure with the volume they’re getting from these NYX sales is probably putting them a tad behind. I’ve always received my shipments from them within 3-4 days, so waiting 7 days was kinda a bust, but patience it a virtue. So anyways stay tuned to that Swipe(haul) coming up in a YT video…I’ll post it on here as well.



One thought on “Cherry Culture NYX Haul On The Way!!!

  1. I just got my shipping confirmation and was very suprised that it took this long! Cant wait to see hat you got..Thanks for the heads up on twitter:)

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