Return to YT…or not?!?

So I have been contemplating on whether to return to YT once I get my internet back up and running. I have really enjoyed my time on YT, and would really love to continue, but honestly I need more than that as a reason to continue. I love making videos, but not getting many views, and after 7 months of being on YT only having 300+ subscribers, isn’t really my idea of having enough reason to keep the whole thing going. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for those who have subscribed to me, and have remained loyal as my channel has grown. Maybe its the constant impatience in me that doesn’t want to stick it out. I mean I’ve seen so many people get on YT, in the makeup community, and get like 3000+ subscribers instantly…i don’t get it, why can’t I be one of those? Are my skills that bad? uninteresting? boring? I would really like to get feedback from my subs, but i honestly don’t feel a connection to them, like how am i gonna ask feedback from people who I haven’t even reached out to? And partly, this is my fault…and don’t get me wrong once again, I take full responsibility for it. I don’t know whether my channel should be completely centered around makeup, or continue to let it represent and array of topics in the beauty industry. I really have a passion for makeup, and I’m really considering doing it full-time, well part-time to star off with. I just don’t know what to do. I’m not knocking other gurus who have a lot of subscribers, but I do have to ask: What makes their channel, or them more interesting than me? I think I have a really good, personable, and approachable personality…maybe it lacks jazz in the way I come across my YT videos. I ride it out for the time being, and observe the response I get when I return to YT…until then we shall see!



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