Hey guys! I know its been over two months since I’ve updated my blog. Truth be told, I was uninspired and very busy with my personal life. I had all the time in the world (well at least on the weekends) to be doing videos and making blogs posts, but I didn’t. I always said I would stop doing something when it stopped being fun, and frankly it all stopped being fun, and seemed kinda lame. HOWEVER, now I have gotten re-inspired, and am definitely jump back on the beauty blogging and tutorial bandwagon. I have had two months to lurk through YT looking at my video subscriptions everyday, and for a minute there was just nothing decent coming up in them. I don’t know if it the Fall or holidays coming up, but everyone in the “beauty community” both YT and blogosphere seems to be getting back to their creative niches. I have really been enjoying watching videos lately and reading blogs. Also, there was a weird period in time when every other video on YT was about “haters” and people being mean, and I just didn’t want to be a part of that or associate any part of my channel with it. Doing videos and blogging is an outlet for me, not a job, LOL I have one of those. I do think I’ll be doing a lot more blogging, prob more blogging than videos, b/c I come across much better blogging. I wish I came across better in my videos, but oh well….its a confidence thing and just actually have the time and passion to do them. I know I am creative, and so badly want to share that w/ the world, but if the world doesn’t respond then its really demotivating and uninspiring. As far as YT goes, I need to build my channel back up, get the momentum going again. It got to the point where all I cared about was how many views a video got and how many subscribers I was getting, and funny thing I was barely getting any views or subscribers. It was frustrating and annoying. I saw all these other “Gurus” getting high views and subscribers out of the ying yang, and this wasn’t happening to me. Now, I could care less. I’m putting my thoughts and skills out there and if they gets 20 views or 2000, I’m okay with that. YT isn’t my life, its just something fun to do, just like my blog. The one thing I do hope for coming back off hiatus is that I have a more open line of communication with my subscribers. Like an actual dialogue with them, so they feel they can send my questions, comment on my videos, and even do responses, same thing with my blog. Soooo……if you guys have any REQUESTS, QUESTIONS, SUGGESTIONS, ETC, ETC, ETC….lol pluuuuueezzzz send them over —-> Perfecttenn86@yahoo.com or send me and @reply on Twitter —-> http://twitter.com/perfecttenn !

Please feel free to comment on this post too and let me know what you think!

Bunches of LOVE <3!


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