Blog New Years Resolutions!

So I have been pretty lax with my blog…and with my Youtube channel, but I have good reason!  LIFE!  Yeah, that’s pretty much it.  I’ve been so busy with ‘real life’ stuff that I haven’t had the mental capacity for bloggin or youtub-ing.  You know how you just have a lot going on and alll your extra hobbies, yeah that is, extra go out the window.  So on top of my actuall hobbies, such as baking, crafting, shopping, etc., bloggin and youtubing falls into the extra category. However, this upcoming year I am making,or at least trying to, a committment to keep up with at least one of these extra hobbies once a week.  TBH, I can blog anytime, on my phone, at work, etc, etc., but I can’t Youtube anytime, hence not being able to upload videos at work and I don’t own a laptop.  Also, there is a possibly that later next year I will not have access to a computer, or much technology for the matter, at all.  Anyways, I really want my blog to be successful, therefore I am attempting to make it a priority.  So, if this means I need to blog from my phone before bed at night, join more online bloggin communities, shoutout in my YT videos more, then I am!  I’ve always been better in words than on camera anyways.  So here’s the rundown (in bullets on course):

  • Blog at least 2x a week
  • One review a week
  • One random post about anything
  • Get a snazzy blog layout
  • Promote blog more
  • Get a message board going (possibly, will need to look at how much $ it would be)
  • Update it through my phone if not near a comp
  • Blog wisely
  • Interact and respond my to my readers

I’m gonna hold myself to these, so you hold me to them too!



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