Nail Polish Swatches: Sunday Swatches Compilation

Claire’s Marine Blue w/ out flash


w/ flash


So, overall this is a really fun color, especially for $2.50 a pop.  I believe a wore it for a day or so on my nails and had pretty good results.  Claire’s polishes dry extremely fast , so you have to work briskly with them.  I applied two coats of it and then my Sally Hansen High Shine Top Coat, which is pretty much my backup top coat…but more on that later.  This is a great color for toenails, and for fingers too, but it has a definite thick-creamy look to it, which put me off to wearing it on my fingers.  I have Mean Green, also by Claire’s, which I’ve already swatched here on my blog and they are not only similar in color, but in texture and finish.  They dry pretty glossy, but you will get some definite chipping with these polishes, which is unfortunately my lucky with most cream finish polishes.  Overall, for a bright and fun look for cheap…I’d give these a go and pick up a few more colors. 

Available at Claire’s Boutique stores and online. 

Price:  $2.50, I got mines BOGO 50% a few weeks back.


Orly Blue Suede w/ out flash (no point of taking a pic w/ flash, b/c this is the most accurate display of the color).


 I’ve had this polish forever, well really for about 3-4 months when the whole matte-craze was in.  I actually purchased this entire collection from Orly, b/c at the time I thought the matte or flat finish concept was new and different, and it was.  However, I’m not sure if Orly hit the nail on the head with these particular polishes having a true matte finish.  Its more of a non-glossy rubbery look, which I’ve heard others describe it this way as well. Blue Suede is one of three polishes that came out in the collection, and next to the black it is my fave.  I have the purple, but it doesn’t strike my fancy like the blue and the black do.  Nonetheless, I’m a sucker for Orly, b/c you get more product for the $$$ and they really do come out with some good collections.  I’ll be swatching the black and purple some time soon, forgive me for not knowing the names off the top of my head.

Available at and Sally’s Beauty Supply (where I purchased mines)

Price: $5-$6/bottle

Finger Paints Add & Abstract w/ out flash


w/ flash


 Okay, this is seriously my love/hate polish….love the color, especially for the summer, hate the finish and how it applies.  For the most part, I do like Finger Paints polishes, just not the finish and application this particular one.  I’m rarely supremely disappointed in a nail polish, because I can always find a way to make it work.  For this one, there’s not hope.  It applies at times thin, and at other times thick.  Any more than two coats and its goopy, not to mention streaky from the first stroke.  I highly recommend a superior top coat with this polish, b/c on it own it just doesn’t look good. I have another color very similar to this one, also by Finger Paints and I have the same problems out of it.  I got these polishes last summer and was so excited, b/c I thought the shades were just amazing, but was soon disappointed in them.  They are those polishes you just want to hurry up and use up or throughout, b/c they are just that disappointing.  I consider Finger Paints a pretty good nail polish brand, considering I have a beautiful deep purple shade from them that I love and it applies so evenly and glossy.  Nonetheless, once I use Add&Abstract up, I will not be repurchasing it and will use more caution in the polishes that have similar finishes as it does by Finger Paints.  Just my honest opinion…wish it were different.  I’ll post swatches of its counterpart later (if I can get it to apply at least as decently as I got Add&Abstract to apply).

Purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply 

Price: $5-$6/bottle





Product Interest:

So, I’ve been pretty interested in this product since the commercial caught my eye a few weeks ago.  I have to say, I’d seen this product in drugstores, mainly Wal-mart, b/c they had a big display of it about a week ago in the store near my house.  However, I didn’t really pay attention to it, I take it I though it was just another product from the “Lash Extension” L’Oreal line.  I already have Double Extends, which I really like, but could do without the two-step process.  Its a great mascara, but due to the fact that I am always on the go and that I have to be up, dressed, and out of the house in mornings in no time, doesn’t leave much time for a two-step mascara application process.  Anyhow, I saw the commercial with supermodel Linda Evangelista and actually thought to myself, “I wonder if that does work?”.  I’ve seen commercials and reviews for the Lilash and Latisse eyelash growth/thickening products, but didn’t feel that I really had a need for them.  They are geared more towards those who actually have trouble growing and maintaining eyelashes for what ever reason.  For me, I actually like my eyelashes, but who doesn’t want thicker, fuller, more glamorous ones? 

For some reason a commercial/drugstore version of a product like this appeals to me, and seems more trustworthy.  Latisse requires an actual prescription from an Md, I’m not big on Dr’s, nor do I think the mere cosmetic want to have eyelashes is enough to get a prescription for such a product.  The other eyelash growth products I’ve heard of are extremely pricey, which is yet another thing I’m not willing to do.  If I had severe issues in which my eyelashes did not grow or started falling out, I would definitely consider these products, mainly b/c your eyelashes are there for more than just making your eyes look pretty.  They are actually attached to your eyes, b/c they keep debris out of your eyes and help them stay clean, so basically they are there to protect your eyes and in that case they serve an extremely important purpose. 

L’Oreal Lash Boosting Serum claims to result in the multiplication of lashes with daily use.  It is supposed to be applied under mascara and on bare lashes at night.  According to L’, 71% of users claimed to have had more lashes, 75% said their lashes appeared thicker, 78% said they loss less lashes during makeup removal, and 81% said their lashes seemed in better condition.  Those are some pretty staggering numbers, all well over 50%.  Now I’m not sure how large of a focus group they used for their study, but it seems that overall, the participants have favorable results of the product. 

It is available at drugstores and large retailers, with a price range of $12-$15 (of course you can probably find it cheaper, plus I’ve seen a few coupons floating around for it.)  I actually do plan on picking this product up very soon, helps that I have a $2 off coupon for it as will.  If you go to L’ there is a link you can click on you get the $2 off, which let’s my know that they are really pushing this product, so they must really stand behind it.  The thing I’m interested to know the potential negatives of the product.  I know with other lash serums they said eyelid redness and permanent brown irish pigmentation can occur.  Well, I definitely don’t need for my eyelids to be red and look all sickley and my eyes are already brown, yet i don’t think I’m comfortable with the eye that a product could make them darker, or any other color than what I was born with for that matter.  So far, from what my research says, it does not contain any ingredients that result in negative side affects, which is that much for comforting to me.

This will definitely be an experiment for me…so stay tuned!

Nail Shades We Love

So I came across this really great article on, where they broke down the different color categories of the most liked polishes.  I realized as I read through the article, that it was 100% right in what I, myself consider to be my fave nail shades.  I mean who doesn’t love a simple neutral, so wearable all the time or a fun loud pink to match that cute party dress or blouse?  And who can resist a classic red, whether it be fire engine or cranberry.  The same goes for your pruples, greys, and metallics, both soft and bold, all can be wearable and appropriate for just about any occassion, of this depends on the actual shade you choose to use from each color.  The one thing about nail polish that I love is that it really is so versatile.  Its like an accessorie, it can either make or break the look.  The difference between nail polish and say, a pair of earrings is that the nail polish is actually an extension of the outfit, whereas the earrings would merely serve as an addition to the outfit.  You don’t just wash polish off at the end of the night with all your other makeup, it remains on your nails (well until you actually pick the nail polish remover and take it off) chameleon-like enough to go with looks for days at a time.  Nail polish is by far one of the fave cosmetic items, and even more so, the fact that there is so much to choose from makes it that much more fun to play with.


Nail Polish-L'Oréal Paris in Innocence-Essie in Angel Food-MAC in Blissed Out

Loud Pinks:

Nail Polish-Dior in Black Dahlia-Dior in Red Dahlia-Zoya in Anaka


Nail Polish-Nars in Jungle Red-Essie in Fishnet Stockings-Chanel in Dragon

Blues & Greys:

Nail Polish-Lippmann Collection in Don't Tell Mama-YSL in Tuxedo Grey-Sally Hansen in Blazing Blue


Nail Polish-Revlon in Plum Night-OPI in Lincoln Park After Dark-Essie in Wicked

Soft Metallics:

Nail Polish-Revlon in Silver Screen-Chanel in Trapèze-

Bold Metallics:

Nail Polish-Rescue Beauty Lounge in Locavore-Lippmann Collection in Nefertiti-Estée Lauder in Gold

Click here for the full article on

China Glaze Up & Away


This collection says one thing: FUN!

I love the bright, cream-based colors that this collection offers, and it just in time for the Spring/Summer.  Although I’ve yet to actually get my hands on any of the polishes, I already know which ones I want.  I’ll definitely be picking up Heli-Yum (a bright Raspberry shade), Four Leaf Clover (a bright Kelly green), and High Hopes (a bright Guava shade).  There’s a fun yellow in the collection, Happy Go Lucky, that I’ll definitely consider picking up as well.  The collection is available at: TransDesign, 8ty8beauty, and Head2toebeauty.  In total, there are 12 shades in the collection and is one of the first Spring collections that China Glaze has released for 2010.  I’ll be posting swatches as soon as I get my hands on those lovely colors.  In the meantime, if you have picked up any, let me know you think about them.  Feel free to send my an @reply on Twitter of a Twitpic or Tweetphoto of them, I’d love to see any swatches you all may have.





*Photo courtesy of:


Well usually I blog about makeup, fashion, beauty, and nails, but today (at least right now) I’m not going.  I have a lot of my mind and can’t seem to get everything in perspective.  I have some things going on in my life that involve me embarking on new endeavors, however there are factors that are both in my control and out of my control that are hindering me from them.  I work hard; at work, in my relationship, and pretty much anything else I do.  It really sucks when things don’t pan out, even when you put some much time and energy into it and you still don’t know what you’re doing wrong.  Its something I want sooooo bad and I just can’t seem to succeed with this one part of it that pretty much makes or breaks the whole deal.  I’m so busy with everything that I’m doing right now, I wish I just balance everything perfectly…even though I know there’s no such thing as perfect.


When I think about this new endeavor, I’m excited and full with anticipation and energy.  On the other, I also have that little voice in the back of my mind that says "what if it doesn’t go well?" "what if you fail?" "what if you don’t even get to do it?" …sucks, I know right!  I’d rather at least get there and try, versus not making it there at all.  I haven’t wanted something this much in a really really really long time, and this is honestly the one of the first times I’ve had trouble obtaining something I wanted.  Not that I’m being a brat, but like I said, I work hard for the things I have and I work equally as hard to keep them.


For almost three months I’ve been trying to get everything together to reach this goal, and its only one thing holding me back!  I’ve tried twice already to accomplish this one thing and both times I fell short by just a few points.  I have one more chance (for this year), coming up in March and I have to do my absolute best.  However, it’s so hard staying motivated with so much pressure, in addition to the regular life stresses that I experience everyday.  I’m strong in my belief in God and that he will bless me, that’s what gets me through the day.  No amount of dedication and hard work can compare to His power.  It’s important for me to pray and talk to Him everyday and continue to ask for strength.  There is no other place to get it from.  I know that I can’t get over this obstacle and achieve my goal without His help and blessings.  It’s a matter of staying strong in my convictions and steadfast through and barriers that get in my way.  I know I have great potential and that I CAN beat this one thing.  I don’t just want to beat it, I want to pulverize it…lol (a little bit of edge there…sorry).


Its time to stop feeling sorry for myself, stop beating up on myself, and to get REAL!  I need to get real about what I really want and set my sights on it.  I know that with pray and trust in God, that I will make it. I just need to continue to believe in myself, and not doubt myself or the power of God.



Rimmel London 292 Magenta & Sinful Color I Miss You Combo


I totally embraced my inner 12 yr/old w/ this concept, but its cute nonetheless.  The Sinful Colors I Miss You just didn’t do it on its own, so I decided to put the 292 Magenta under it.  I rarely use the 292 Magenta, b/c to be frank on its own, it just doesn’t do it for me on its own.  So basically, neither color can stand alone, they definitely need something to jazz each other up. 


DSC04440 w/out flash

DSC04441 w/ flash

You can find both @ your local drugstore(s).  Rimmel $3-$5/Sinful Colors $1.99