Nail Polish Swatch: Sinful Colors What’s Your Name



I have been pleasantly surprised to find some fun colors in the Sinful Colors collection at my local Walgreens.  I’ve purchased a few polishes from the collection a while back, but I never really just went to Walgreen’s just to see what new polishes/ploish collection Sinful Colors had out.  I’m not sure how often they release new colors or collections, but it looks like they’ve released a good bit lately.  I typically make my way to Sally’s to hit up some China Glaze(I will literally drive the 20 mins to Sally’s to see what CG collections they have), but I might just be hitting up Walgreens a little more and paying a little more attention to Sinful Colors.  What’s Your Name is one of a few colors that I purchased recently, I’m not sure its been around a while or came out with a particular collection, but its a really interesting color.  It has a dark green, purpley-black iridescent base to it.  On the nail it looks black or like a super super dark green, but in certain lighting and angles you can see the purple.  It remind me of super dark version of the MAC eye shadow Club.  I goes on pretty think, but coats well (I only used two coats), and it dries relatively fast as well.  I layered Seche Vite top coat on it and got (of course) a smooth glossy finish.  I’m pretty rough w/ my nails, so unfortunately you can already see a little bit of chipping and receding just a few hours shy of a whole day.  Overall, I could get another day or out of this polish before I’d seriously need to change it.

Price:  $1.99 —sometimes you can get it on sale for 2/$1.99

Size:  15 mL/0.5 fl oz.

Shelf life:  18 mos



For $2, its a really good quality to a good buy!  *Channeling my inner-recessionista*





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