Mascaras: Separate….not so much, but together a dynamic duo

These two mascaras apart don’t do much for my lashes.  Colossal dries out pretty quickly and makes my lashes look really thin and separates them by each strand.  Ironically, its supposed to make them look voluminous.  Telescopic Carbon Black is a great super dark mascara and can make my lashes look great, but once applied it can get clumpy and dry fast, which makes it hard to apply additional layers.  I typically keep these mascaras in my purse or on-the-go makeup bag as backups to the ones that sit on my vanity.  I really only use them if I don’t have time to do my makeup at home and have to do it on the run or at work.  I realized that this duo was dynamic when one day at work I was applying Colossal, and it just wasn’t doing it for me… like seriously.  It was flaking and just made my lashes look brittle and dry.  I thought to myself, what would happen if i put some Telescopic Carbon Black over it and BAM!  There is was, a great voluminous, lengthened, and super dark look to my lashes.  Some things just need a partner in crime, and that is exactly what Colossal and Carbon Black are.


Also, the difference in the brushes that each mascara makes a difference.  Colossal has large, but classic bristle round brush, whereas Carbon Black has one of them comb-like applicator w/ the little teeth that are kinda flimsy and bindy.  By using both types of brushes, you get the benefits of both.  The large brush helps to separate and coat lashes and and the comb-like brush helps to catch and define every lash.  The formulas are different too, in that Colossal has a relatively thin and light feel to it formula and Carbon Black has a thick rich formula.


Overall, these two mascaras will remain as my backups, but I’m glad I stumbled upon this little discovery.  Any other time I would have never put the two together, but you really do get a good solid full lash finished look w/ these two.  Both are under $9 at your local drugstore, and look out for those BOGO deals.  I’m sure of it you can grab them for a steal if you buy them that way.  I’m interested to see what other formulas and types of mascaras combined together look as good as these two.  I guess we shall see…to be cont., maybe?

DSC04282 DSC04304

DSC04283 DSC04294

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