Nail Polish Swatches: Sunday Swatches Compilation

Claire’s Marine Blue w/ out flash


w/ flash


So, overall this is a really fun color, especially for $2.50 a pop.  I believe a wore it for a day or so on my nails and had pretty good results.  Claire’s polishes dry extremely fast , so you have to work briskly with them.  I applied two coats of it and then my Sally Hansen High Shine Top Coat, which is pretty much my backup top coat…but more on that later.  This is a great color for toenails, and for fingers too, but it has a definite thick-creamy look to it, which put me off to wearing it on my fingers.  I have Mean Green, also by Claire’s, which I’ve already swatched here on my blog and they are not only similar in color, but in texture and finish.  They dry pretty glossy, but you will get some definite chipping with these polishes, which is unfortunately my lucky with most cream finish polishes.  Overall, for a bright and fun look for cheap…I’d give these a go and pick up a few more colors. 

Available at Claire’s Boutique stores and online. 

Price:  $2.50, I got mines BOGO 50% a few weeks back.


Orly Blue Suede w/ out flash (no point of taking a pic w/ flash, b/c this is the most accurate display of the color).


 I’ve had this polish forever, well really for about 3-4 months when the whole matte-craze was in.  I actually purchased this entire collection from Orly, b/c at the time I thought the matte or flat finish concept was new and different, and it was.  However, I’m not sure if Orly hit the nail on the head with these particular polishes having a true matte finish.  Its more of a non-glossy rubbery look, which I’ve heard others describe it this way as well. Blue Suede is one of three polishes that came out in the collection, and next to the black it is my fave.  I have the purple, but it doesn’t strike my fancy like the blue and the black do.  Nonetheless, I’m a sucker for Orly, b/c you get more product for the $$$ and they really do come out with some good collections.  I’ll be swatching the black and purple some time soon, forgive me for not knowing the names off the top of my head.

Available at and Sally’s Beauty Supply (where I purchased mines)

Price: $5-$6/bottle

Finger Paints Add & Abstract w/ out flash


w/ flash


 Okay, this is seriously my love/hate polish….love the color, especially for the summer, hate the finish and how it applies.  For the most part, I do like Finger Paints polishes, just not the finish and application this particular one.  I’m rarely supremely disappointed in a nail polish, because I can always find a way to make it work.  For this one, there’s not hope.  It applies at times thin, and at other times thick.  Any more than two coats and its goopy, not to mention streaky from the first stroke.  I highly recommend a superior top coat with this polish, b/c on it own it just doesn’t look good. I have another color very similar to this one, also by Finger Paints and I have the same problems out of it.  I got these polishes last summer and was so excited, b/c I thought the shades were just amazing, but was soon disappointed in them.  They are those polishes you just want to hurry up and use up or throughout, b/c they are just that disappointing.  I consider Finger Paints a pretty good nail polish brand, considering I have a beautiful deep purple shade from them that I love and it applies so evenly and glossy.  Nonetheless, once I use Add&Abstract up, I will not be repurchasing it and will use more caution in the polishes that have similar finishes as it does by Finger Paints.  Just my honest opinion…wish it were different.  I’ll post swatches of its counterpart later (if I can get it to apply at least as decently as I got Add&Abstract to apply).

Purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply 

Price: $5-$6/bottle




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