Sunday Nail Polish Swatch Compilation

So for whatever reason I was off my nail painting game this week.  I was pretty tired, mostly sleepy, all week and none of my nail polishes wanted to stay on.  I did managed to change my nail three times throughout the week, which is pretty standard for me anyways, so that was good.  However, I did IMO a pretty sloppy job of painting them…i.e. this first swatch of Zoya Pinta.  I figured I’d go ahead and post it given that I have already gone through the trouble of painting my nails and had worn it for two days.  The 2nd swatch is CG Shower Together, the swatches are pretty good (guess i had a steady hand that day), but this is seriously a love/hate polish for me.  Its a cream, but applies weird.  You can apply any more than 2 coats before it looks too thick and for it to be a cream, you’d think it would apply smoother. Also, for some reason it seems to take longer to dry.  Anyhow, I absolutely love the color, that milky blue is just too pretty!  Hopefully, this week will be a better week for nail painting and all my polishes will apply smoothly and beautifully.


Zoya Pinta

Two + base coat and Seche Vite Top Coat


w/ flash


w/ out flash

Purchased @

$6 – $7


China Glaze Shower Together

Two + base coat and Seche Vite Top Coat


w/ out flash

DSC04573w/ flash


Purchased @ Sally’s Beauty Supply

Price: $4 – $6




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