Konad Haul

So my Konad order finally came on yesterday, and I was super excited to tear open the box and play with it.  I got 4 plates (M60, M63, M57, M77), a stamper, a scraper, and Special Polish in White.  I was pretty impressed with everything, although I do wish the stamper was two-sided.  I attempted a few designs on my nails, but was pretty much unsuccessful with them.  I hear it takes a little bit of practice, so I’m hoping to get better at it in due time.  Anyhow, once I get the hang of the whole thing I’ll definitely be posting some konad-manis.  Stay tuned!



P.S:  If anyone has any tips for Konad beginners, please in the comments or hit me up on Twitter!





9 thoughts on “Konad Haul

    • Thx so much!

      I’m pretty much just trying to get the stamping part down. For some reason the images are transferring on my nail as smoothly as they should. Maybe I’m using too much of the Special Polish, like maybe too thick of a coat of it. I’ll keep practicing, but if you have any tips do please share!

  1. Konading can be pretty picky. I mean you do have to put enough polish down. You have to scrap enough but not too much and when you stamp you can’t stamp too hard or too lightly. The easiest way is to play on white printer or construction paper for a while.
    Here are some sites and you tuber’s that helped me some:
    Here are some websites with tips on Konad:

    and again here is the list of polishes that has been reported as working with Konad:
    Konad you tubers:
    I love this one too:
    Here too:
    Have fun,

    • Wow! Thx so much for all the insight, seriously! I have to admit that I did not know it involved all of that, but the result is well worth it. I will definitely check out all the links and tips. Thx so much again! 🙂

  2. Well It isn’t really that involved some get it quickly and some don’t and give up. It really is easy once you get some practice under your belt. You’ll do great.

    • Tried again tonight and managed to get a whole “konadicure” done. It takes some time and patience, I found, but nonetheless I like the result. I’m gonna keep at it, practice makes perfect.

      Thx again!

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