Limited Options: A Small Piece on the lack of foundation shade availability at Walmart


I tweeted about this but decided to post more extensively about my issue with it.

So I was in Walmart the other night and as I walked by the cosmetic section, I noticed a L’Oreal True Match display. Now I have to say that I absolutely love this found foundation, but was disappointed to see that the  Walmart display only had shades for fair skin tones. Anywhere else I’ve seen this foundation, I have seen in a pretty broad color spectrum; light to dark. I use it myself on a daily basis, though I’ve never purchased it at Walmart.

You would with as many people that shop at Walmart that it would be the one place you would be able to find a broad selection of foundation shades in the cosmetic lines they carry. This was really offensive and makes me not want to purchase any cosmetics at Walmart, because they don’t appear to carry cosmetics shades that suit deep or dark skin tones.

Have you all noticed this? What are your thoughts?

Oh and by the way, I don’t think its a demographics issue, because the area where the Walmart is located has people from all races. As a matter of fact more people of color, from what I’ve seen when shopping there, frequent that Walmart than people not of color.


Zoya Gems & Jewels Holiday 2011 Nail Polish Collection & Looks

I am super excited about this collection from Zoya! I’ve always been impressed by their polishes and I’m sure this collection won’t disappoint.

Here’s a video from their YouTube channel of their upcoming Holiday collection, enjoy!



Coupons, Deals, & More

Here’s a couple of links to websites that offer coupons, deals, promo announcements, etc.

  • RetailMeNot – you can sign up for their newsletter, share, print, and view coupons from a number of retailers
  • – mostly grocery coupons, but also offer other consumer commodities
  • CouponMom – extreme couponing, grocery coupons, printable coupons
  • CouponCabin – printable, various retailers
  • SmartSource – grocery, consumer commodities
  • Red Plum – grocery, consumer commodities
  • CouponMania – grocery, consumer commodities
  • SavingsMania – coupons, freebies, codes

Happy shopping and couponing!



Review > Bath & Body Works Creamy Body Wash

I got a sample of this the other day and let me say that I absolutely love it!  Bath & Body Works has really outdone themselves with this formulation, and the packaging is lovely too!  First off, compared to the previous formulation, this one is smooth and lustrous, as opposed to a lotiony-based consistency of the old formula.  With this formulation a little bit goes a long way.  Literally, a half dollar size doplet of this on your loofa is plenty.  The old formula was so wasteful, in that when you squeezed it out, if you weren’t care it could fall right off your sponge/towel/loofa.  It was more of an in-shower conditioner, rather than a body wash.  The new formulation is creamy and rich, and lathers lovely.

Price: $12.50, or B3G2 or B2G1

Rating: 5/5

P.S:  If you enjoy high quality bodycare products, you must try this out.  Tip of the Day:  Use a coupon in addition to the in-store or online promotions.  You’ll end up with more for your money, free products, and your fave products for next to nothing!



Fall TV

So although I won’t be watching much more tv after next week, except for on the weekends, I’m still excited about all the new shows coming out for Fall and those coming back for the season.

The Vampire Diaries –

One of my favorite shows.  I can’t wait to see what unfolds between all the characters this season. Elena/Stefan/Damon, Caroline/Tyler/Matt, Jeremy/Bonnie/Vickie, etc… I could go on for days!

Pan Am –

I’m excited about this show, because I’m so nostalgic for this era.  Everyone was so crisp and dressed to the nine.  I absolutely love the 50s-60s attire and overall attitude of the time.

Revenge –

This new gritty show about a young lady who moves to The Hamptons to seek revenge on those who killed her family seems edgy and a bit thrilling.

Gossip Girl –

I mean, I don’t even need to say why!  The drama!

The Ringer –


I’m excited to see Sarah Michelle Gellar back on tv.  From the promos, I’m not sure if this is a show I can get into, but I’ll definitely try.

Modern Family –

This show is super funny! I love it!

Glee –

Who does love this show?!! So cheesy and corny, and the characters so annoying, but it’s a guilty pleasure.

90210 –

I can’t help, but like this show.  The characters actually have layers.

Looks like a lot of tv watching!



Review > Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner


I started using the Organix Moroccan Argan shampoo and conditioner about a month ago when I purchased when the 19.5 oz. was available at Ulta for the same price as the the regular size. If I remember correctly, Organix is normally priced between $7-$8, so it is relatively inexpensive.

The first time I used it I fell in love with it. #1, its Sulfate-free and leaves my hair smelling so good! The consistency of both are pretty standard to most other shampoo and conditioners, them having that somewhat lustrous look to them. I can say I’ve used both shampoo and conditioner evenly, so I’ll have to replace both at the same time, which in my opinion is good. I hate having old shampoo left over when I’ve used all of the conditioner.

In addition to them being Sulfate-free, they claim to instantly penetrate the hair shaft restoring shine and softness while strengthening and creating soft, seductive, silky perfection. I can say that with the exception of the silky part, my hair did feel really soft and did not feel stripped after washing. I experienced minimal tangles and the conditioner gave my hair good slip for detangling. It also helps against UV damage and heat styling and has vitamin E and antioxidants in it.

I give this product a 4/5 overall and it will definitely be a staple in my regime going forward. The only thing I wish was that I could fine it in the 19.5 all the time, but that’s really no biggie.

Thx for reading!