Review > Bath & Body Works Creamy Body Wash

I got a sample of this the other day and let me say that I absolutely love it!  Bath & Body Works has really outdone themselves with this formulation, and the packaging is lovely too!  First off, compared to the previous formulation, this one is smooth and lustrous, as opposed to a lotiony-based consistency of the old formula.  With this formulation a little bit goes a long way.  Literally, a half dollar size doplet of this on your loofa is plenty.  The old formula was so wasteful, in that when you squeezed it out, if you weren’t care it could fall right off your sponge/towel/loofa.  It was more of an in-shower conditioner, rather than a body wash.  The new formulation is creamy and rich, and lathers lovely.

Price: $12.50, or B3G2 or B2G1

Rating: 5/5

P.S:  If you enjoy high quality bodycare products, you must try this out.  Tip of the Day:  Use a coupon in addition to the in-store or online promotions.  You’ll end up with more for your money, free products, and your fave products for next to nothing!



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