Limited Options: A Small Piece on the lack of foundation shade availability at Walmart


I tweeted about this but decided to post more extensively about my issue with it.

So I was in Walmart the other night and as I walked by the cosmetic section, I noticed a L’Oreal True Match display. Now I have to say that I absolutely love this found foundation, but was disappointed to see that the  Walmart display only had shades for fair skin tones. Anywhere else I’ve seen this foundation, I have seen in a pretty broad color spectrum; light to dark. I use it myself on a daily basis, though I’ve never purchased it at Walmart.

You would with as many people that shop at Walmart that it would be the one place you would be able to find a broad selection of foundation shades in the cosmetic lines they carry. This was really offensive and makes me not want to purchase any cosmetics at Walmart, because they don’t appear to carry cosmetics shades that suit deep or dark skin tones.

Have you all noticed this? What are your thoughts?

Oh and by the way, I don’t think its a demographics issue, because the area where the Walmart is located has people from all races. As a matter of fact more people of color, from what I’ve seen when shopping there, frequent that Walmart than people not of color.

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