Beyond the Zone > Wax It Up Pomade


Beyond The Zone Wax It Up Texturizing Pomade texturizes and sculpts with serious hold that is never crunchy.

This is literally one of my favorite styling products. I have to wear a bun nearly everyday throughout the work weekend and this hold my hair without making it super hard or crunchy like gel. Also, given that my hair is natural, and that gel makes it curl up, I like that this product doesn’t do that. Its a pomade so it’s more like a hairdress/hair oil based, rather than alcohol based like most gels. It works well with hairspray, usually with the hairspray as a base and then the pomade on top of it. This is a product you will have to apply daily, because it does not last longer than about 8 hrs. It’s relatively inexpensive, under $6 and it usually always on promotion at Sally’s for like b2g1 free or so.

Overall, I really like Wax It Up and will continue to us it. I doesn’t cause buildup, is light, and again it’s available at any Sally’s. If you haven’t ever tried it and you want something that is in between and gel and a hairdress that will give you hold definitely give this product a try.



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