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Via Bath & Body Works website:

  • Our exclusive Pink Chiffon is a light-as-air pairing of soft pink petals & vanilla chiffon icing
  • Key Fragrance Notes: Sparkling Red Pear, Vanilla Orchid and Whipped Chiffon Musk

Review –

I am absolutely in love with this fragrance.  I have gotten numerous compliments on it since I began wearing just the body lotion a month ago.  Bath & Body Works has really stepped it up as far as refining its fragrances in recent years.  I am thoroughly impressed by this one in particular, because it is so wearable and romantic at the same time.  As the description from the BBW website states, Pink Chiffon really is light as air with that floral and sweet hint of fragrance.  I don’t typically go for floral fragrances, but this one isn’t overpowering in that the balance of floral and sweet is near perfection. 

If you have ever smelled Cherry Blossom by BBW, then Pink Chiffon is its better looking(and smelling cousin).  The packaging is super cute, different shades of pink petals with some sky blue blended into the background…very appropriate and cute play on the description.  It comes in all the normal fragrance forms and a few additional ones that are special to the line, like the shimmer body cream and shimmer spray:

 image      image








Pink Chiffon is a part of the Signature Collection of fragrances that BBW carries, so its readily available at store nationwide as well as in Canada.  It also typically runs on a promotion of B3G2 free, or even sometimes B3G3 free(my fave BBW promo for the Signature Collection) and of course there are always coupons you can use in conjunction with the promotions.

I give Pink Chiffon a 5/5 as a perfect fragrance to welcome the Spring in…and well the Summer and all of its sunshine too!



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