Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

Another week of Summer gone and one week closer to Fall.  Amazing how times flies when you either don’t want it to or when you’re having fun.  Between work, jewelry-making, and getting the new place together, the hubs and I are finally taking some time out to go to the movies.  I are stoked to see The Campaign. 


We are both big Will Ferrell fans, and knew from the moment we saw the trailer that we had to see it.  Anchorman is one of our favorite movies, and I think that we quote the movie at least once a day.

I will be doing a review/post on the movie so stay tuned!  In other news, I’m making a sweet tea/lemonade mix today.  I love sweet tea and I love lemonade, and I typically only do that when I go to Chik-fil-a or out at a restaurant.  I’m excited to out together my own and do my spin on the old Arnold Palmer.  Speaking of beverages, smoothies have been on my radar lately.  I have literally made a smoothie everyday since the hubs made me one a few weeks ago.  He did a good job, but beverages and desserts, and well cooking as a whole is mostly my thing.  I’ve been making smoothies for the longest, but over the past few months I hadn’t really had means and access to do so.  Let’s just say I’ve been pretty mobile being in the military and all.  Anyhow, I think I’ll post my smoothies recipes at some given point, but I would like to take some pics to be able to post with them as well.

Lastly, I did make a few new pieces for my Etsy shop.  I think they’re super cute and versatile.  Check ‘em out!

photo 74

photo 60



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