New Product Spotlight > Bath & Body Works Be Enchanted


Frosted florals sweetened with sparkling,sugared pomegranate.

This is a lovely smelling scent from Bath & Body Works. They have really stepped up their game over the past year as far launching some incrediblely delicious fragrances. Be Enchanted is unlike any fragrance I’ve ever experienced at BBW. It’s main notes are pomegranate and iced sugar. It’s sweet, almost a little tart with a hit of floral in there. It’s a very wearable fragrance, meaning its good for day or
night. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received from people while wearing Be Enchanted. It’s to the point where I don’t even want to stop wearing it, even though I’m almost out.

Overall, I give Be Enchanted a 4.5/5. I typically like really sweet or fruity, not perfumey scents, however Be Enchanted is a good subtle mix of all three. Don’t be mistaken however, it is no subtle fragrance in and of itself. It’s quite fragrant with pretty good sticking power. BBW also did a good job of making the scent smell consistent across the product line. I hate it when I get a scent and the lotion smells different from the shower gel or body spray.

Be Enchanted is available in Bath & Body Works stores and online. Products range from $10.50-$29.50.