Black Friday

So, I one of three people in the office today, which means that I am not out shopping! I’m not sad or feel the least bit like I’m missing out, because when I worked in retail I used to have to work Black Friday every year, so this year’s no different. I have been, however, scoping out all of the deals online and in the sale papers that have come in the mail, and I must say there are some pretty good ones. I might stop by my old stomping grounds after work to pick up some things, but otherwise I really don’t plan on doing any shopping this weekend. I must say, this morning I was on a particular clothing website, and proceeded to add over $250 worth of clothes and such in my shopping cart. Nonetheless, I didn’t complete my order, because I couldn’t remember on Verify by Visa password :-(. So, anyways I’ll have to wait till I get home, which will be in about 5 hours, to decide if I want to still purchase the merchandise. I mean, its really a good deal, because I’m pretty much getting 35% off, and you really can’t beat that anywhere, so I probably will order the clothes and such, its not like I don’t need…at least that’s what I’ll tell myself.

Its funny, because I honestly don’t remember that last time I actually went shopping on Black Friday, like ya know do that traditional ‘get up at the crack of dawn’ type of deal. I think that might have been when I was like 12 or 13, and my mom forced me to wake up and go to Wal-Mart with her, LOL! Its funny, b/c I would love to get up and do that now, but we both work on the holiday and I live 3 hours away from her as well. Anyhow, I’ve always gone shopping after I got off work on Black Friday, or just gone like later on that weekend. Its always been fun for me to work Black Friday, but that was when I worked Retail…now not so much, but I should complain, I’m not the least bit bored here in the office today. I have to have a lot of things done before Monday gets here, because its going to be hectic going into December. I’m excited to actually start the weekend off though, I really plan on just resting, watching t.v., Youtubing, and doing some reviews and tutorials. Sounds like a great weekend to me!