Product Review: CoverGirl Lash Blast Luxe

So I’d been wanting to try the CG Lash Blast Luxe since like forever, well more like since t came out. I was in Wal-Mart a few weekends back and was walking past a display and saw the CG was offering the Lash Blast Luxe Platinum (black) with an eyeshadow trio (which I wasn’t too interested in for the sheer fact that I don’t care for CG eyeshadows) and a felt tip eyeliner(will be doing a review on in the future). The whole deal cost about $13, and I figured, hey for three products that’s not bad, when mascaras, even drugstore one can get pricey. Now, I’ll tell you I wasn’t as exited about this mascara as I was about the Double Extend Beauty Tubes, but I wanted to give it a shoot. So here goes the review in my 3 P’s:

Price: Reasonable, like I said I got mines in a set, but it usually runs from $6-$8 depending on where you purchase it. ~ 4/5

Packaging: Who doesn’t love a chunky tube of mascara? I wouldn’t recommend this particular mascara as an on-the-go-in-your-purse mascara, because of the large tube. I personally have it sitting with all my other liners and mascaras on my vanity. ~ 3.5/5

Performance: Well, this mascara does exactly what its supposed to do…make your lashes look full and voluminized, while defining them. However, I didn’t find that it lengthened very well and you really have to build it up to get those really full voluminous lashes. Also, the fact that the Luxe, is supposed to and some type of glossiness or sparkle to your lashes I didn’t find either. Its not a very wet mascara, nor is it a dry one. The short teeth on the wand do help to define each lash, and I was able to get the wand above my upper lashes to add more curl and definition, which is usually hard to do with such a large wand. I would say that the wand is the wonder feature of this product. Its large, with short teeth and can really catch those tiny inner and outer corner lashes. The formulation is a really rich one, and it is a super black mascara with some glossiness, but once again you really have to build up to that. I’ve experience the same result with other mascara’s with less time and coats. ~ 4/5

Overall: I think CG Lash Blast Luxe Platinum is a quality product. If you are one that likes those large tube mascara with big wands, this is the mascara for you. It gets the job done, in the sense that it is a buildable mascara that lasts a all day and washes off without trouble. It doesn’t get goopy or clunky, and does a great job at lash definition. I would recommend this mascara, and definitely if you happen to get it on a BOGO or in a kit. The lastability was the deciding factor for me in giving this product my recommendation, so if you are looking for a defining, voluminizing mascara that last all day CG Lash Blast Luxe is the one for you. ~ 4/5