Fall TV

So although I won’t be watching much more tv after next week, except for on the weekends, I’m still excited about all the new shows coming out for Fall and those coming back for the season.

The Vampire Diaries –

One of my favorite shows.  I can’t wait to see what unfolds between all the characters this season. Elena/Stefan/Damon, Caroline/Tyler/Matt, Jeremy/Bonnie/Vickie, etc… I could go on for days!

Pan Am –

I’m excited about this show, because I’m so nostalgic for this era.  Everyone was so crisp and dressed to the nine.  I absolutely love the 50s-60s attire and overall attitude of the time.

Revenge –

This new gritty show about a young lady who moves to The Hamptons to seek revenge on those who killed her family seems edgy and a bit thrilling.

Gossip Girl –

I mean, I don’t even need to say why!  The drama!

The Ringer –


I’m excited to see Sarah Michelle Gellar back on tv.  From the promos, I’m not sure if this is a show I can get into, but I’ll definitely try.

Modern Family –

This show is super funny! I love it!

Glee –

Who does love this show?!! So cheesy and corny, and the characters so annoying, but it’s a guilty pleasure.

90210 –

I can’t help, but like this show.  The characters actually have layers.

Looks like a lot of tv watching!