Ulta Haul and new product line: Essence

So I was visiting my Mom this weekend and today we dropped by Ulta to browse for some goodies.  We ended up getting some good stuff.  I’ve posted a YT video about all of it as well, so I don’t want to be redundant w/ this post.  However, I did want to go into a little more detail about some of the products more than I did in the video.  Mainly, this new product line that Ulta has started to carry called Essence.  Funny thing is that I was catching up on reading blogs that I’m subscribed to and TravelsWithEuridice did a post of the line.  I’d never heard of it and it was super ironic that I came across a post giving some insight on it.  Apparently, the line is German and was supposed to debut in Ulta stores in April, but Ulta already has it out.  The products are very affordable, like seriously affordable and with the recession still being a factor for many, this line is a good alternative to other more expensive lines that carry like products.  They even have a Konad knock off, which of course I had to get.  Even funnier was that I’d be browsing around before I purchased my Konad to see if I could find it anywhere other than online and I came up with no luck, until of course I already have mines and wasn’t looking for it anymore and say the Essence one.  Anyhow, I’m pretty excited about this line and look forward to getting some more things from it.



Don’t forget to watch my video and be on the lookout for swatches of the polishes!






Mini Drugstore Haul

Okay so I’m especially excited about nails lately, seriously trying to break into the polish swatching business, like Scrangie, LOL!  As you can see I’ve gone a tad overboard on the nail finds w/ my mini drugstore haul.  Nail stuff is like accessories when your shopping for clothes, if you can’t find a  pair of pants or a shirt that you like, you can always buy some accessories, b/c you’ll find something for them to go with.  Nail products are the same way, you know at some point you will use it or find something for it to go with.  Also, I mean what better things to buy other than things that improve your overall look.

Now, to the specifics:

  • Nailene French Finish Nails
  • Sally Hansen Speed Shine 10 Day Top Coat
  • Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus
  • Milani Eyeshadows

I’m ridiculosuly excited about the Nailene nails, even though I haven’t worn fake nails since i was like 11.  I want to give my real nails a break, since that are looking too hot or doing too good w/ polish.  I’ll definitely be putting these nails through the ringer though, which means I’ll be looking at how long they last, if they chip(even though they’re supposed to be “chip proof”, if they are paintable, and if so how they look.  I’ve also never tried and Milani eye shadows, heard a lot about them, but have yet to purchase them until now, so we’ll see if they live up to the hype.  All the other stuff is kinda minor, but I’ll of course review it, even though I think most of it is about to be discontinued, or maybe a packaging change.

I got all of my products at CVS and Walgreen’s, and most were 50% or more off.  Can’t say I’m not patting myself on the back for scoring such good deals!