Product Interest:

So, I’ve been pretty interested in this product since the commercial caught my eye a few weeks ago.  I have to say, I’d seen this product in drugstores, mainly Wal-mart, b/c they had a big display of it about a week ago in the store near my house.  However, I didn’t really pay attention to it, I take it I though it was just another product from the “Lash Extension” L’Oreal line.  I already have Double Extends, which I really like, but could do without the two-step process.  Its a great mascara, but due to the fact that I am always on the go and that I have to be up, dressed, and out of the house in mornings in no time, doesn’t leave much time for a two-step mascara application process.  Anyhow, I saw the commercial with supermodel Linda Evangelista and actually thought to myself, “I wonder if that does work?”.  I’ve seen commercials and reviews for the Lilash and Latisse eyelash growth/thickening products, but didn’t feel that I really had a need for them.  They are geared more towards those who actually have trouble growing and maintaining eyelashes for what ever reason.  For me, I actually like my eyelashes, but who doesn’t want thicker, fuller, more glamorous ones? 

For some reason a commercial/drugstore version of a product like this appeals to me, and seems more trustworthy.  Latisse requires an actual prescription from an Md, I’m not big on Dr’s, nor do I think the mere cosmetic want to have eyelashes is enough to get a prescription for such a product.  The other eyelash growth products I’ve heard of are extremely pricey, which is yet another thing I’m not willing to do.  If I had severe issues in which my eyelashes did not grow or started falling out, I would definitely consider these products, mainly b/c your eyelashes are there for more than just making your eyes look pretty.  They are actually attached to your eyes, b/c they keep debris out of your eyes and help them stay clean, so basically they are there to protect your eyes and in that case they serve an extremely important purpose. 

L’Oreal Lash Boosting Serum claims to result in the multiplication of lashes with daily use.  It is supposed to be applied under mascara and on bare lashes at night.  According to L’, 71% of users claimed to have had more lashes, 75% said their lashes appeared thicker, 78% said they loss less lashes during makeup removal, and 81% said their lashes seemed in better condition.  Those are some pretty staggering numbers, all well over 50%.  Now I’m not sure how large of a focus group they used for their study, but it seems that overall, the participants have favorable results of the product. 

It is available at drugstores and large retailers, with a price range of $12-$15 (of course you can probably find it cheaper, plus I’ve seen a few coupons floating around for it.)  I actually do plan on picking this product up very soon, helps that I have a $2 off coupon for it as will.  If you go to L’ there is a link you can click on you get the $2 off, which let’s my know that they are really pushing this product, so they must really stand behind it.  The thing I’m interested to know the potential negatives of the product.  I know with other lash serums they said eyelid redness and permanent brown irish pigmentation can occur.  Well, I definitely don’t need for my eyelids to be red and look all sickley and my eyes are already brown, yet i don’t think I’m comfortable with the eye that a product could make them darker, or any other color than what I was born with for that matter.  So far, from what my research says, it does not contain any ingredients that result in negative side affects, which is that much for comforting to me.

This will definitely be an experiment for me…so stay tuned!

L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara Review

L’oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara is by far one of the best mascaras I’ve ever tried. I thought nothing could compare to my MAC Zoomlash until I tried Double Extend. Before trying Double Extend, I’d never used a mascara primer before…never saw or had a reason to do so. I realized that when I used the primer/mascara combo together, that the results were absolutely amazing. The formulation of Double Extend is very close to that of MAC Zoomlash, wet, but runny, and thick but not clumpy. I’ve always had a pain of a time getting mascara off at the end of the night, especially Zoomlash, because of the formulation and super rich black color. You can literally put Zoomlash on at 7am in the morning and it still look very much the same at 12 midnight, which meant it was difficult to get off every time I wore it. Beauty tubes…not an issue whatsoever, for one because the sheer science of it make is so easy to wash off. All you have to do is dampen your fingertips, or actual lashes with warm water and the beauty come right off of your lashes…no messy mascara stained eyes. I would always get gunks of washed off mascara in my eyes with Zoomlash and other mascaras, but not with Double Extend. The beauty tubes are mess-free, and you can easily take off the rest of your eye makeup with not trouble. The one drawback I do have about this product is that you have to apply it quickly, because it dries quite fast. Like, for example, once you apply the primer, you have to immediately apply the mascara and how ever many coats you want to apply to that particular eye, then move on to the next eye. With this mascara you can’t go back and forth from one eye to the next, because it will dry on you, and we all know how hard it is to apply another coat of mascara to the lashes when a coat is already dried on them. The cost of this product ranges anywhere from $8-$11 depending upon where you purchase it. I always try to be on the lookout for the BOGO sales that Walgreen’s, Ulta, and other retailers have. I got my Double Extend at Wal-Mart in a double pack about 2 months ago, and it was around $9. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen it, because i paid roughly $4.50 or so for each tube of it, and i have a backup for when I run out. It is definitely worth the price tag however with the results it gives. I will say that after two months of use, it does seem to be dwindling down. I can definitely tell that the max life for it is about 4 to maybe 5 months, which in most cases you would want to throw it out then anyways to keep from any bacteria and such growing in it. I probably have one more good month out of my tubes, for the fact that I apply about two coats of it daily, sometimes reapplying later in the day another two coats, if I redo my makeup for some reason or do a tutorial. overall, I would give L’Oreal Double extend Beauty Tubes a 5/5, with two thumbs up! If you haven’t tried this mascara yet, you definitely should. I’d be shocked it anyone didn’t like it as well as I do.