I’m backkk…and with a few new things

Hey everyone!  I know its been forever, but I have been in training for the past 5 months and its been super hectic.  I’ve had a little bit on down time, but I’ll be getting busy all over again come next month.  I figure I can bust out some blogging and hobby-doing while I have a little bit of time to breathe and get my mind right for picking back up with training.  I’ve re-taken up an old hobby of mines, jewelry-making.  I really enjoy it, for one its so satisfying, because you get instant gratification seeing your creativity manifest itself into a real piece of wearable art.  Its quick easy and fun and I really hope you all appreciate as much as I do.  I will most likely post some of my works up in my old Etsy shop eventually, but for now I will just be blogging about my pieces.  Of course, I’m always available to do custom pieces and can usually pump of a piece within 24-48 hrs of receiving a request.  I can make just about anything I put my mind too, and I’m picking up more techniques and advancing my pieces everyday.

Nonetheless, I’m always tweeting and pinning, so even if you don’t catch me on my blog you can catch me on there, and on Instagram.  I’ve been wanting to start back up blogging for the longest, and I am so happy I’m getting an opportunity to do so now.  I have some reviews in store, so I will try to pump those out this week.  I really miss reaching out and sharing my thoughts with the beauty, craft, and baking world, so I’m definitely gonna make an effort to try to blog a few times a week from now on, even when I pick back up with training.

Well folks, that’s all for now!  Below are pics on my most recent pieces of handmade jewelry.  If your interested in any of them, please feel free to contact at perfecttenns@gmail.com with inquires on pricing and availability.



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